7 years ago.

URGENT compiler is down

Please check the comiler - its permanently stuck at Initializxing and all compilesare failing as of a few mins ago 22th May 2017 1500hrs BST

symptom is that the compile button becomes unrsponsive. reloadingthe web page results in the compile button woreking once.. but sticking on the Initializing stage of the process. A few compiles do work but still stick ...

Am running a techingmodule here using this resourceso really would like it working as soon as can be aragned...!!!

I'm having the same problem.

posted by Peter Ampt 22 May 2017

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7 years ago.

Update - the web team have redeployed and the compiler is now working again. Apologies for the inconvenience!


Just to let you know that we're aware of the issue and are investigating at the moment. I found that the binary eventually compiled and downloaded, but the front end is hanging on "initialization..."

Thanks, Joe

Accepted Answer
7 years ago.

Same issue for me

7 years ago.

Same problem but it download the file .bin. you just have to refresh the page.

7 years ago.

Same problem here! :(

7 years ago.

Same issue here

7 years ago.