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Howto compile online mdev-dev on online compiler

Hi all, I am using a STM32F103 board and I am facing issue with SPI (sometimes infinite loop in spi read/write) with the mbed library .

So I try to compile my project with mbed-dev source instead of mbed library with online compiler. My goal is to patch spi to solve my problem. But I don't success to compile my project with mbed-dev sources.

How to process?

Thanks a lot

"But I don't success to compile my project with mbed-dev sources." What is the error message?

posted by Mark Peter Vargha 20 May 2017

Hello and thanks for your interest. I start from working project with mbed library. I remove mbed library and get mbed-dev insteabd. At this moment confSysClock(); is no more define. So I try to understand howto to use mdeb-dev without changing my code. Is it possible ? thanks

posted by LAURENT HOUEL 21 May 2017
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5 months ago.

Hi Laurent,

Have a look at using mbed-os, this may provide a more up to date platform


Andrea, team mbed

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