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mbed_blinky program compile error

I am getting following error when I am compiling Error: Target "MAX32625PICO" is not recognized mbed_blinky program though I have connected the target.

Can anyone help me in solving this?

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MAX32625PICO Programmable Interface Controller

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Newbie question: I have also tried to use the MAX23625PICO with the online Embed compiler (April 2019) However, I still get errors. Is the device supported yet? What are the exact steps to get the "blinky" sample working?

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I am afraid that the target "MAX32625PICO" is not available in support platforms, yet. https://developer.mbed.org/platforms/

Any ETA on when it will be supported?

posted by John Goewert 13 Sep 2017

Interestingly, the page for the MAX32625PICO exists already.


However, nothing works yet. The target doesn't exist (but you can copy it from the maxim-dev library), and the DAPLINK image on the board currently identifies as "MAX32630FTHR", which it isn't.

posted by Ferdinand Bachmann 04 Mar 2018