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Selection of board


I'm trying to build a dispensing machine that has 1 stepper (bipolar), 3 servos, 6 dc motors and One RFID reader Also the system needs to be WiFi enabled.

Can someone suggest which board to select for prototyping and then production.

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Hi Subhajit,

So it will be difficult to find a board out of the box that will have connections for all of those peripherals, obviously you will have to prototype these two the board.

Again WiFi connectivity is probably also going to come from using some type of shield attached to the board, such as ESP8266.

I would look into using a FRDM-K64F as your base board and finding shields for the peripherals you need, should be easy.

If you want to look at board that has built in WiFi capability look here: https://developer.mbed.org/platforms/ublox-EVK-ODIN-W2/


Andrea, team mbed

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