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using stm32f429 lcd instead of external lcd screen

Hi everyone;

I have to get picture from camera frame by frame I am new developer and I found an example in belov it is used external lcd with stm32f407 but I want to convert this exercise using with stm32f429 can anybody help me pls. thx.

the external lcd pin connections

LCD_D0 = PD14 LCD_D1 = PD15 LCD_D2 = PD0 LCD_D3 = PD1 LCD_D4 = PE7 LCD_D5 = PE8 LCD_D6 = PE9 LCD_D7 = PE10 LCD_D8 = PE11 LCD_D9 = PE12 LCD_D10 = PE13 LCD_D11 = PE14 LCD_D12 = PE15 LCD_D13 = PD8 LCD_D14 = PD9 LCD_D15 = PD10 LCD_CS = PD7 LCD_RS = PD11 LCD_RD = PD4 LCD_WR = PD5

the tutorial code is in attachment the form site does not accept /media/uploads/MTAE/stm32f407_ov9655_dcmi_camera_example.rar

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4 years ago.

Convert the example code display draw and pixel functions over to the f429. Make the example code work with with your HAL.

I am beginner in using stm32fxx thus I have got any experience. can you give me any example code, tutorial. thank you for your responding.

posted by Mehmet Gül 09 May 2017