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Update mbed-dev with latest STM32F4 firmware packages

Are there any plans on updating mbed-dev/targets/target_stm files with the latest STM32F4 firmware packages? Skimming through the files I noticed that the files in this folder are from version 1.2, and ST firmware packages are on version 1.6.

I tried to update these files generated with stm32cubemx, but I could not get mbed-dev working properly. Apparently some of the code form ST must be modified to work with mbed-dev.

Currently I am working with a custom board with different clock settings as the original target it was based on, so I was forced to update and change manually many files on the mbed-dev/targets/target_stm/ foders. It took a lot of effort and I got it working, but I am not entirely sure I did it right.

An official update form mbed team would be great.

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which mbed-dev are you looking at ? Because this one https://developer.mbed.org/users/mbed_official/code/mbed-dev/rev/74e0ce7f98e8 was updated 3 days ago, should mirror the releases of mbed lib.

Is there any chance of getting the version of mbed-dev in line with mbed lib version 127 please? Can't seem to find where to access it, thanks!

posted by Harry Willis 02 May 2017

Martin, I do not deny that mbed-dev has been updated regularly, and a lot of work is being placed on it. My claim is that particularly the STM32F4 CMSIS/HAL libraries (i.e. stm32f4xx_hal.h and its family) are outdated by two years, compared to what ST is providing in STM32Cube firmware. regards.

posted by Guillermo García 02 May 2017