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Hello, World! Programming Does Not Appear To Work...


I recently got the u-blox C027 starter kit and am trying to program the Hello, World! mbed application to blink LED1 on the board.

I explicitly followed the instructions here: https://developer.mbed.org/users/ublox/notebook/u-blox-C027-Downloading/

But have been unsuccessful. I have no problems compiling and downloading my imported and unmodified C027_HelloWorld project per the above link... it's the programming that appears to be failing.


Here are my programming steps:

1. The MBED device appears as an external flash in Windows.

2. I drag the C027_HelloWorld_UBLOX_C027.bin file to MBED (E:)

3. I see the MSD LED on the C027 board blink rapidly

4. When that is complete I eject the MBED (E:) device

5. I press the RESET button on the C027 board

6. I see LED1 on constantly as I did when I initially powered up the board. The board does not appear to be running any binary I program.

I took a look at the contents of the mounted MBED device and find it interesting. I see several files and a folder in here that appear constant including an html file. Additionally, after I copy my binary to the device... I do not see it listed in files.

There is also a fail.txt file that contains the contents: TIMEOUT

I am new to mbed. What's going wrong here?


I resolved this issue. I had to update the firmware per these instructions: https://developer.mbed.org/users/ublox/notebook/ublox-C027-Update-CMSIS-DAP-Interface-Firmware/

posted by Nathan Jozwiak 01 May 2017
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