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BP3595 for GR PEACH support with GCC and mbed cli ?


I tested the GR-PEACH_WlanBP3595 samples (AP+STA) with mbed online compiler. Everything works fine.

When I try it using mbed cli and gcc compiler (4.9.3), the example won't run. The compilation and the linking process run fine, but when I download it to the target, the program never reach the main() fct. (with TCPIP_THREAD_STACKSIZE set to 2048 and VBUS1 set to 5V as requested)

I assume the difference come from the BP3595 library used with GCC compiler (libWlanBP3595AP.a instead of WlanBP3595AP.ar used by mbed online compiler).

Does any of you face out this issue ?

Any specific compilation/linkage flags must be set to use libWlanBP3595AP.a ?

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