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Nucleo serial stops printing

Hi I have problems with serial communication over USART when I program microcontroler and launch putty everything seems to be fine but after few minutes my nucleo stops printing to console although it is receiving and computing data I am sending. Can you help me please? I am using Nucleo F446RE

Hello Jan,
Could you please provide a bit more details about your code?
How do you know that the program is still running?

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#include "mbed.h"

DigitalOut led1(LED1);

int main()
    while (1) {
        led1 = !led1;
posted by Zoltan Hudak 01 May 2017

Thanks Zoltan for asking for more info

Jan, when you are reporting a problem, please provide as much info as you can. To help us or anyone to reproduce this problem locally.

posted by Martin Kojtal 02 May 2017
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