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Daplink baud rate changing

hi ,

How DPALINK will work in different baud-rates ?

In my DAPLINK it fixed the baud-rate as 9600,hence its not able to prints different baud-rate applications messages(115200). how can I modify DAPLINK code to common for all baud-rates without changing in serial driver (for baud-rate )in each time.

DAPLINK with fixed boud-rate is expect behavior or shall i need to change my driver to handle all baud-rates dynamically ?

Please anyone can clarify

Regards, Arun KR

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3 years, 5 months ago.

DAPLink uses the baudrate you have selected in the terminal application you are using. The baudrate is not fixed.

Accepted Answer

RTS/CTS flow-control pins are required for this? in my target board only Tx pin and Rx pin are connected with DAPlink.

in "uart_set_configuration" function i'm re-init my UART with config->baudrate, but its not reflect in my output. is this config->baudrate value is "9600" , "115200",etc values or some thing else?

posted by Arun KR 28 Apr 2017