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Compiling classic mbed library

I need to compile the classic mbed library (libmbed.a) for the TARGET_NUCLEO_L432KC. My offline gcc compile setup on a Mac works for mbed-os solutions and for classic mbed solutions.

However I like to compile a modified version of the classic mbed library. Where can I find instructions for it? I cloned the git repository of mbed-os.

Any ideas where to find documentation about it?

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2 years, 4 months ago.

For a modified version look here:


Andrea, team mbed

Dear Andrea, thank you for the advise. I tried this and within the mbed IDE, mbed-dev works fine, however it does not compile using the offline ARM gcc environment. I tried it with the NUCLEO_L476RG target and receive errors in the pinmap.h code. I believe this has not been tested with the ARM gcc offline compiler for some time. This is not a simple/single C++ compiler problem, rather a compiler environment setting.

Should I report this on github?

posted by Helmut Tschemernjak 21 Apr 2017


Thanks for the reply, yes please go ahead and report on github.


posted by Andrea Corrado 21 Apr 2017

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