3 years, 4 months ago.

Delete service on BlueNRG


I recently got a BlueNRG BLE shield and started to try some things with it. I quickly saw that there is a limit of the total amount of characteristics (10 which is not a lot but I guess it is a memory issue.) Unfortunately, for my application, I need more than 10 characteristics so I wanted to make a service with one characteristic that handle the other services by adding and removing them with the functions aci_gatt_del_service and aci_gatt_del_char of the X_NUCLEO_IDB0A1 mbed library. Now, I still have a problem because after removing a service, the shield return out of memory when I want to add an other one. I took care to change the BLE_TOTAL_CHARACTERISTICS define (in x-nucleo-idb0xa1/BlueNRGGattServer.h) for my test to be able to add again service after deleting one. Do anyone know why there is still a memory issue after deleting a service and its characteristics ? do I need to do something else ?

Thanks, Julien

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