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Hello all Need TM1637 6 digit display and 4 key examples. (example 0 to 999999 counter) Thanks

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Hello All Help tm1637 6 digit library and examples Thanks

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The example derived Class for the 4 Digit CATALEX module can be modified or you can add your own derived version of the Base class for a 6 Digit display. The number of grids and digits are defined in the header file:

#if (CATALEX_TEST == 1) 
// Derived class for TM1637 used in CATALEX display unit
#include "Font_7Seg.h"
#define CATALEX_NR_UDC    8


Modify that or add your own derived class:

#if (MY_TEST == 1) 
// Derived class for TM1637 used  in 6 digit display unit
#include "Font_7Seg.h"
#define MY_NR_GRIDS  6
#define MY_NR_DIGITS 6
#define MY_NR_UDC    8


Obviously, you also need to modify or copy/modify the relevant code parts in the TM1637.cpp file as well

What display module are you using? Is it made inhouse or commercial. I can try to help you testing the code.