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Getting code built with GCC4MBED to run on custom target

I've developed a custom target and can use the online tool to build a blinky app. I program the microcontroller by copying the bin file onto the mounted USB volume. It blinks.

I take the same code, run "make clean lpc11u37", copy the resulting bin file with the same method to the microcontroller but no blinky.

For the online compiler, lacking an LPC11U37, I build with LPC11U24. For GCC4MBED, I made changes to support the LPC11U37FBD48/401 which is the part I have designed in.

As this is my first offline attempt with GCC tools, I think I must be missing something. Any tips?


C:\gcc4mbed-b0e31ff\samples\blinky_gcc_arm_lpc11u24>make clean lpc11u37
Cleaning klc_blinky/LPC1768
Cleaning klc_blinky/LPC11U37
Compiling main.cpp
Compiling ../../src/gcc4mbed.c
Linking LPC11U37/klc_blinky.elf
Extracting LPC11U37/klc_blinky.bin
Extracting LPC11U37/klc_blinky.hex
Extracting disassembly to LPC11U37/klc_blinky.disasm
   text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
   3216     112      64    3392     d40 LPC11U37/klc_blinky.elf

Hello Kevin,
Unfortunately I'm not familiar with GCC4MBED so I'm not able to help you with that, but do you have any specific reason to use GCC4MBED? If I understand correctly you replaced the binary mbed library in your project with source files and added a custom target support. So why don't you simply export your working project from the online compiler (Ctrl+E) for the GCC (ARM embedded) toolchain and then compile it offline?

posted by Zoltan Hudak 29 Mar 2017
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