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Export mbed 5 to sw4stm32


I wanted to try the export tool of mbed to export a project to sw4stm32 but I can't succeed to make it work. The project is the blinky example project for the stm32f429ZI board. When I export it for sw4stm32 and import it to eclipse, I always have include problems. I tried to add some include path to the settings but there is always more path to add and other problems that appears. Is there some settings that I can import to eclipse to compile the project or particular things to do ?

Thanks, julien

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I have on a couple occasions successfully exported from from mbed-cli to sw4stm32. There are always project configuration issues though. The setup is pretty challenging, but once you get it going it does work pretty well. The general setup stuff is:

  • Set Include paths. Type all of them in and make sure they are set for each language and build version (obviously you can do all languages and all builds at the same time by ticking the check boxes). Yes, this takes a long time.
  • FPU settings. Be sure the FPU and ABI are set right.
  • Make sure the G++ Link Script is pointing to the linker file buried in the mbed folder for your device and toolchain.
  • Linker options. You want to include -specs=nosys.specs. If you are doing multithread be sure newlib-nano is not specified as a linker option.
  • Exclude from Build. In the project tree you should go through and exclude folders or files that are not needed for the GCC build for your board. Sometimes there are IAR or Keil files in there that will confuse the compiler.
  • And you'll have to setup Debug configurations under as type Ac6 STM32 Debugging. Probably want a Debug config for the Debug build and one for the Release build.

Accepted Answer

Thank you for this answer. It seems that it is an exhausting work. I hope that the export tool will resolve this in the future

posted by Julien Quere 22 Mar 2017

You say, "Be sure the FPU and ABI are set right" - but how, exactly, do we ensure that?

posted by Andrew Neil 22 Jun 2017

I am sure the export was once working. Recently it seems to have broken. Might be worth raising on GitHub as an issue?

posted by Nicholas Outram 26 Jul 2017