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Dummy mbed os question

Hi, I just bought a mbed lpc11u24. I'd like tu install and setup mbed os 2. Is it already ​installed on the board? If not, how can I? Thank you.

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3 years, 3 months ago.

Hi Gino,

Nice to meet you :)

So mbed 2.0 and mbed-OS are the SDK (Software development kit) for the mbed platform. They are simply the library that contains all the platform information, drivers, APIs etc to get your board running. This is not preinstalled on your board, as its a different concept. On top of that you simply need your main.cpp and if you want other libraries for various other functionality to get you up and running.

mbed 2.0 is our older SDK, and is the only option for the lpc11u24.

In terms of how to get started, the best place to look is here: https://developer.mbed.org/platforms/mbed-LPC11U24/

Here you can import an example program, this will import mbed 2.0 library and a main.cpp, to blink and LED :)

From there you can add other libraries found on this site and also modify your main.cpp too :)

Or you can import other example programs for your platform :)


Andrea, team mbed