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does not work STM32 board

I use STM32 nucleo board STM32F030 value line(STM32F030R8T6) but,today does not work it. FAIL.txt wrote "Flash algorithm write command FAILURE"

I try push reset botten before connect USB. and,upgrade firmware . upgrade is successful

But, does not work STM board a file is STM32F and wrote"Flash algorithm write command FAILURE"

I want to help

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4 years, 1 month ago.

Hi Clark, there are a number of reasons why this would be happening. Could you tell me more about what program you're trying to flash? Are you sure your compiling for the right target? Has this program worked before? And if so, what has changed?

Thanks, Brian

Accepted Answer

Thank you answer .

I have forgotten to write The CPU of STM32 becomes hot.

my program is working before does not work. first does not work program

  1. include "mbed.h"

PwmOut k(D15); Serial pc(USBTX, USBRX); DigitalOut myled(LED1); char i; long long a; int j; int main() { pc.printf("START"); k.period_ms (15);

k.pulsewidth_us (1000); wait(3.0);

k.pulsewidth_us (1200); wait(10); a=1000; while(1)

{ i=pc.getc();

if(i=='1'){ a+=1; i=0; pc.printf("up"); }

else if(i=='2') {a=a-1; i=0; pc.printf("down"); } else if(i=='3') {a=1000; i=0; pc.printf("STOP"); } else { pc.printf("no"); } k.pulsewidth_us (a); } }

second, I try easy program. But, don't flash LED.

  1. include "mbed.h"

DigitalOut led (LED1); int main() { while(1) { led=1; wait(1.0); led=0; wait(1.0); } }

posted by Clark John 10 Mar 2017

Hi Clark,

If the blink example doesn't work than that's not a good sign :(

Are you able to program the board with the blinky example? Or are you getting the FAIL.TXT?

Thanks, Brian

posted by Brian Daniels 10 Mar 2017

Thank you comment, I can program blinky example, But,now I am not getting the FAIL.txt. STM32 is hot now. and the board not connect anything without USBminiB.

posted by Clark John 10 Mar 2017

Ok, it sounds like your board may be having hardware issues. The last thing I would try to recover would be to reflash the ST-Link firmware, which you can get from here: http://www.st.com/content/st_com/en/products/embedded-software/development-tool-software/stsw-link007.html

But other than that I'm not really sure of the next steps. You could always contact ST about it but it may be easier to just try a different board if you have it.


posted by Brian Daniels 10 Mar 2017

Thank you anser I decide to buy new STM32 board.

posted by Clark John 12 Mar 2017