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I want to read data from ThingSpeak channel to my FRDM-K64F board using ESP8266. How do I proceed?

Thingspeak to FRDM K64F

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5 years ago.

Try to put this GET request in Browser: http://api.thingspeak.com/channels/(channel_id)/field/(field_id)/last.json You will get an awnser like this: {"created_at":"2018-01-14T20:55:56Z","entry_id":399,"field3":"11.000"} Last number "11.000" is data from field3, in my case. I am using LPC1768 and I have a problem with AT commands for ESP8266, how to get that number into my controller. If you want I can sent You program for my controller, but program is only sending data to ThingSpeak. From another side I am using android app "Virtuino" from App Store, it is very easy to connect with ThingSpeak. With this app I can read and send data to ThingSpeak. I am stuck with that part of program how to get that data "11.000" and compare in program.

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