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Some tcs34725 problems(black paper, correlated color temperature, luminous flux )

I use tcs34725 for sense RGB value. My board is f334r8, and my program is basic on here: https://developer.mbed.org/users/raj1995/notebook/adafruit-tcs34725-rgb-color-sensor/ .According my testing result, I think that I sucess to sense RGB value ('Red' will be higher under red paper, 'Blue' will be higher under blue paper, 'Green' will be higher under green paper). However, my project helper said that all value should be down when tcs34725 senses black paper, and my testing result was higher than normal (result in image). I want to ask that is this program only can sense red,blue and green correctly, or it is only a mistake from my helper? If I want to sense black paper correctly, what code I need to write? Also, I need to calculate correlated color temperature and luminous flux according the result of tcs34725. Where can I get some examples for program? Please help me, Thank you. (25/02/2017): I find that my sensor value is so big, what's method can I make value max to:(255 255 255 255)? /media/uploads/zeroex123/tcs_compare.jpg

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