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Nucleo L476RG Will not compile in Keil uV 5 or STM workbench

In either Keil uV5 or STM workbench when using any exported project from the mbed online compiler I am getting an error about 'objects.h' not being present.

I've attempted to manually copy this header file in to no avail

I am new to mbed / nucleo boards having previous experience in PIC and Arduino boards.

Looking over the forums, no one seems to have an answer to this or the threads are expired,

This is happening with any template code I use (in this case a simple blink)

any help appreciated

/media/uploads/andyowenwest/stm.png /media/uploads/andyowenwest/keil.png /media/uploads/andyowenwest/code.png

Hi Andrew,

Sorry for the issues you are having.

Can you tell me what program you are trying to export, and which revision on mbed you are using? Is this mbed 2.0 or mbed OS 5?


Andrea, team mbed

posted by Andrea Corrado 24 Feb 2017


Have raised the issue here for you :)


posted by Andrea Corrado 24 Feb 2017
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