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MODSERIAL - print buffer


I am trying simple code for my GPS and I would like to use MODSERIAL interrupt but I do not know how to print uart buffer to USBSerial. Could You help me ?

#include "mbed.h"
#include "USBSerial.h"
#include "MODSERIAL.h"
#include "at25sf041.h"

DigitalOut LedStatus(P0_13);
DigitalOut LedRX(P0_14);
DigitalOut USB_connect(P0_6);
AnalogIn ain(P0_11);

USBSerial usb(0x1f00, 0x2012, 0x0001, false);
DigitalIn Vbus(P0_3);
AT25SF041 memory(P0_9, P0_8, P0_10, P0_15);

MODSERIAL uart(P0_19, P0_18);
InterruptIn GPS_fix(P0_17);
volatile bool newline_detected = false;

void Rx_interrupt(MODSERIAL_IRQ_INFO *q)
    MODSERIAL *serial = q->serial;
    if ( serial->rxGetLastChar() == '\n') {
        newline_detected = true;
        LedRX= !LedRX;    

void toogle()
    LedStatus = !LedStatus;

int main(){
    USB_connect = 0;
    uart.attach(&Rx_interrupt, MODSERIAL::RxIrq);

while (! newline_detected)
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