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How to approach programming custom firmware for a NRF51822 beacon module

My name is Rob and I've been working as a professional c# software developer for the last 10 years. I just recently started to explore the possibilities with BLE Beacons.

I'm currently working on a prototype project that requires an BLE beacon with 3-axis accelerometer, so I contacted a manufacturer in China and ordered a couple of beacons with accelerometer. The only problem is that the current firmware doesn't advertise the accelerometer data. No problem, since they told me before I placed the order:


Initially I thought that I could write the firmware myself, but i'm starting to have my doubts. I'm not so confident anymore, since I don't have any experience in low-level languages like c++ / c and writing firmware, debugging, compiling and testing of microcontrollers.

I have two options in my opinion:

1. Spend a lot of time learning all concepts of working with microcontrollers, low-level languages, interfaces, etc. 2. Hire someone to write the firmware for me

What would be your advice and guidance on how to make this work.

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