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NUCLEO-L476RG not working

Simple hello world program works on NUCLEO-F411RE but not on NUCLEO-L476RG.

DigitalOut blink(PC_3); int main() { bool toggle=false; while(1) { if (toggle) blink.write(1); else blink.write(0); wait(0.2); toggle = !toggle; } }

LED blinks with F411RE board but remains off with L476RG board.

No success even after following instructions to upgrade firmware mentioned here: https://developer.mbed.org/teams/ST/wiki/Nucleo-Firmware

I also don't get any result even when trying to use other port pins.

Please help, I have bought 4 of these (L476RG) development boards thinking that they should work just the same as my previous F411-RE boards have worked...

Darmesh Nana

Further information. Flash drive on L476RG contains details text file with the following content "Version: 0221 Build: Nov 17 2016 13:37:06"

posted by Darmesh Nana 08 Feb 2017

Hi Darmesh,

I don't think "PC_3" should be used as DigitalOut from the PinMaps. You could check the PinMaps from here and select correct one: https://developer.mbed.org/platforms/ST-Nucleo-L476RG/

BR, Fred.

posted by Fred Li 09 Feb 2017

I have found that on L476RG it also relates to serial port that I have defined. With definition Serial lcd4D(PC_1, PC_0) the blinking pin does not work. With definition Serial lcd4D(PA_2, PA_3) the blinking pin works.

So my conclusion is that use of Serial Port on pins PC_1 & PC_0 is incorrect or not supported (Serial1)

posted by Darmesh Nana 10 Feb 2017
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