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Need information about “u-blox EVK-ODIN-W262” Eval kit

I have query regarding “u-blox EVK-ODIN-W262” for WiFi/BLE connectivity Eval kit -

1. Which ARM mbed version is supported (2 or 5) in both the EVAL kit 2. Is there Driver support available for the required interfaces (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular, UART, SPI etc. ) for mbed

Regards, Deepak Bhagat.

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Hi Deepak,

Thanks for getting in touch :)

1) mbed os 5.0 is supported for the eval Kit

2) Yes there is driver support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth I believe at the moment: "A pre compiled binary module including u blox Wi Fi and Bluetooth drivers is included in mbed OS 5. Release notes for the latest binary, available in mbed-os release 5.3.0 and onwards, see pull request."

See here,


Andrea, team mbed

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although mbed os 5 is available for this kit, from our experiences it is just not usable. Only the very basic wifi client sample is working, but a lot of stuff is missing:

  • There is almost no documentation available (neither for Wifi, not for Bluetooth or BLE). As the drivers for mbed 5 are in binary only form, so there is no way to look at the code to get information.
  • There are no samples for BLE - we could not get BLE to work.
  • There are no samples for Wifi in AdHoc mode and for Wifi Enterprise. Wifi Enterprise seems to be not supported at all.

We tried to contact U-Blox support quite a few times, to get commercial support for mbed 5. Finally the official statement was (from our distributor, as direct commercial support contact with u-blox is not possible), that u-blox does not support mbed through their channels - it is community supported only.

NOTE: mbed support for ODIN is not even on the u-blox roadmap (our distributor asked u-blox management for estimated time scales for samples and documentation and they were not able to provide *any* timeline). So judge for yourself how well mbed will be supported by u-blox in the future...

Obviously, with this level of support u-blox ODIN with mbed is for hobbyists only, not for commercial applications.

Best regards!

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Hi, Please write to us at so we can understand your needs.

-Mbed Team


I have been told that the "Partner Enablement" team will take care. However, nobody responded...

posted by mbed he 27 Oct 2017

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