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Connecting 20 pin female socket headers to mbed LPC1768

I'm wondering if I can connect a 20 pin female header socket to the mbed LPC17688

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Can you more specific on what you want to do?

Do you want to remove the male pins from the board and replace with receptacles?

This of course is possible, let me know please


Andrea, team mbed

1 year, 1 month ago.

If you mean if you can plug it into a 20 pins female socket header: Yes works fine, have done it several times myself.

Thank you for replying. Are you talking about the top, short pins or the long pins underneath? Because I would like to connect the heard to the top, but I think the pins are too short, and it wont work.

posted by lukas trisauskas 05 Feb 2017

Yes that one, but can you connect it on the top pins of the mbed? connect the heard to small top pins, will that work?

posted by lukas trisauskas 05 Feb 2017

How do you mean top pins? Those small spikes are due to the soldering process, they are not intended and cannot be used to make connections. If you want to do something like that, desolder those and put on other ones that do fit your needs.

posted by Erik Olieman 05 Feb 2017

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