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Exported code not able to compile on uVision 5 for STM32F411E-DISCO board

Hi All,

I am having 2 board NUCLEO-F411RE and STM32F411E-DISCO. I am testing UART code on NUCLEO-F411RE board. For this, I just use sample code which is provided on ARMmbed OS online compiler. This code is working fine on NUCLEO-F411RE board. I just want to test same code on STM32F411E-DISCO board. So I follow some steps.

1) Export UART code in uVision 5 format.

2) Open that project into uVision 5.

3) Build Project.

But when I build that project I am facing following errors.

.\mbed\obj\Nucleo_printf.axf: Error: L6366E: main.o attributes are not compatible with the provided attributes.

/media/uploads/harsh632/errorlog.txt Not enough information to list image symbols.

Not enough information to list the image map.

Finished: 5510 information, 0 warning, and 1377 error messages.

".\mbed\obj\Nucleo_printf.axf" - 1377 Error(s), 0 Warning(s).

Target not created.

Build Time Elapsed: 00:00:11

I install all package in MDK 5 but still facing this issue.

My aim is to build this project into uVision 5 and creat there .hex file, which is used for STM32F411E-DISO board.

Please let me know how to resolved this issue.


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