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Writing a NFC tag by the NFC RF interface

Hello everybody, examples which i've found on the board page show how it is possible to write a NFC Type 4 Tag by I2C bus/interface. I'm asking now, is it possible to write a tag in the M24SR64-Y memory by the RF interface? M24SR64-Y datasheet ( http://www.st.com/resource/en/datasheet/DM00067892.pdf ) states at page 9 that RF and I2C hosts can read or write the user memory. Do you confirm it?


Livio Stalla

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Hello Livio,
yes, that is definitely possible, you can try it yourself using the Hello_World application.
After the tag has been written by the MCU, overwrite the URL using your smartphone (you can use an app like this) and then press the user button to read and print the new URL on the console.