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STM32F401 Nucleo and IAR

I have successfully built the blinky app with the online mbed compiler and copied it to the STM32f401re nucleo board. When I export the project to IAR I can build and start the debugger but the code that runs is not the latest built in IAR but a previous version created with the mbed online tool. My code is using printf("xxx") for debug messages which show up in a TerraTerm window so that seems to be OK.

I thought I might have a problem with the mbed windows driver installation because it does not show up as mbed in Device Manager. When I follow the instructions for installing the driver the process ends with the message "The driver could not be installed. No mbed Microcontrollers were found".

Any ideas?

IAR was able to assist with this. The tick box Debugger>Download>Use flash loader(s) needed to be checked under project>options. mbed export should be updated to include this tick box.

posted by Philip Bartlett 27 Jan 2017
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