5 years, 4 months ago.

A Silicon Labs program can not be exported to Keil

If I want to transfer the blinky program over an export to Keil, I get the following error message: An error occurred during export. Pleas contact support.

best regard, Reinhold

Hi Reinhold,

Can you let me know what target Silicon labs platform you are referring to?


Andrea, team mbed

posted by Andrea Corrado 20 Jan 2017

Hi Andrea, i use the EFM32 Happy Gecko board and the mbed_blinky_low_power for the Happy Gecko board.

best regards, Reinhold

posted by Reinhold Schaefer 20 Jan 2017

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5 years, 4 months ago.

mbed doesn't work in keil.

well, if it does, its a secret.

when will mbed support an offline IDE that works ?

if they ask you to search existing threads, there is so much irrelevant documentation you will never make it work.

Days and days are lost floundering around syntax issues and trying to drag mature code offline

Request to mbed: please employ someone to answer questions.


Hi Nick, sorry for my question. I wanted to export the program and use the Keil environment as an offline IDE. The export for Keil is offered, but unfortunately the program is not exproted but there is an error message. An export to Simplisity Studio works, because when compiling several error messages are generated. The modules EFM32 are suitable for low power applications, but this requires for me, that the tools also function for the conversion to other EFM32 types.

posted by Reinhold Schaefer 22 Jan 2017

Well actually, mbed is so excellent, I am still trying to move my 120k code offline. I find the export to Keil works very well, not sure how you are having trouble. The new mbed-cli also seems brilliant, have you looked at that ? Now they just need a simple installer to reconfigure the eclipse interface. I guess they don't want to do that but rather you pay for the uV5 support.

posted by Nick Marsh 23 Jan 2017