4 years ago.

STM32L4 how to avoid that the mbed start resets the RTC to zero.

I figured out that everytime a CPU reset gets done the RTC clock gets inititalized to zero. I believe I figured out where: lp_ticker_init() -> rtc_init() ->rtc_write(0);

I feel that this is a bug because the power is still active and my RTC clocks continues. It should not reset the clock unless there is an invalid dated during startup, e.g. less than the current mbed build time -1 day.

Any ideas how to overcome this? Should I file an issue on mbed-githup?

Regards Helmut

There is no such bug in mbed, it was my fault, sorry.

posted by Helmut Tschemernjak 06 Jan 2017

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4 years ago.

Yes, please file the issue on github. I believe this is a bug, should not happen as you noted.