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USBKeyboard on Mac

Is there a way to have a keypressed? I need to maintain SPACE pressed on Photoshop to be able to pan around.

Is there a way to press Command?

Finally is there a way to send multiple modifier keys alone?

Like send CTRL+SHIFT+OPTION(ALT) alone with no extra keys?

In arduino there is a command called keyboard.press() "When called, Keyboard.press() functions as if a key were pressed and held on your keyboard. Useful when using modifier keys. To end the key press, use Keyboard.release() or Keyboard.releaseAll(). " Is there something like that for mBed or could it even be done? Being able to work as a USB device I feel it should be possible but I am not that skilled yet to make my own libraries and stuff.

Any help really appreciate it!

I modified the library because it has a line where the held key is cleaned, so is like release the key. Give me one day to finish the code, I added two functions one for hold and one for release. About the modifier keys let me add that, but it's almost done.

posted by Gerardo Garza 30 Dec 2016
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