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STM32 Nucleo USB Storage Write Problems


I've just received a new ST Nucleo board (STM32L432) and I would like to use it with the online Mbed compiler. Unfortunately, when I compile a program and download the .bin file to a local folder on my PC, I can not then copy it to the Nucleo's USB storage device.

When I try and write the .bin file to the Nucleo's USB drive the USB drive momentarily disconnects from windows and then reconnects but no file has been written to the Nucleo. It is as if the Nucleo's board is write protected.

I would appreciate any suggestions how to copy a .bin file to the Nucleo Dev board?



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7 years, 2 months ago.

This is normal behavior. You copy the .bin file to the drive, after the file is copied the ST gets flashed and make a reset (momentarily disconnects) and the bin. file is “deleted” (moved to ST-flash). The ST boots into your Program until you copy a new .bin file.

Accepted Answer

Thanks for your guidance notes on reflashing the STM32 Dev boards.

I used several mbed development boards in the past but none of them performed an automatic reset after copying a .bin file to the flash.

However, now that I've got used to the way ST have implemented their automatic reset and deletion of old files I think I new way is slightly simpler and faster.

Thanks again for your help.

posted by Michael Cregan 20 Dec 2016