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AVnet ATT Starter Kit - Power save mode?

Does anyone have some example code utilizing a power save mode with the ATT IOT starter kit?

I am polling only once every 30 or 60 minutes, and would like to save battery by shutting down the cellular modem board.

Any ideas?

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Hi Pete,

It is best to check http://cloudconnectkits.org/discussion-forums/att-cellular-iot-starter-kit-software web-site as we try and keep it updated with all the latest information on the starter kit. The short answer to you question is that we currently do not have power saving enabled in the low-level driver because there were complications with the internal WNC firmware. The problem was that it would sometimes go into sleep mode then not wake back up or would fail to find the Cell Tower and would have to go though the CC search which takes a while. We believe this problem was fixed with the latest Modem software (available at: http://cloudconnectkits.org/discussion-forums/att-cellular-iot-starter-kit-software). We have not implemented any power-saving modes yet so it is officially unsupported. That being said, the commands to send the WNC into various sleep modes is:

For idle mode power settings At%setcfg=”pw_idle”,<”None”/”LiteHbr”/”Default”/”Deep”>

For no-service power settings (which is also active in LTE PSM mode) At%setcfg=”pw_idle”,<”None”/”LiteHbr”/”Default”/”Deep”>

To get current power setting use At%getcfg=”pw_mode” Where 0 - default 4 - none 3 - deep sleep 8 – lite hibernation.

I will re-post this question/answer on the forum for you.

Jim Flynn