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Handbook->USBSerial "Hello World" Example - Compiler Warnings (LPC1768)

I have downloaded and compiled the USBSerial "Hello World" example and although it compiles successfully the compiler issues 3 warnings. The example works on my Windows 10 laptop but if the warnings are to be ignored it would be useful to point it out in the documentation. The libraries are all up to date.

Right-click and select 'open image in new tab' to see the Warning text... /media/uploads/ChrisMabey/capture.jpg

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Hi Chris. Just tested the same example on a Windows XP64 box and there is no issue with the compilation of this sample code. Compiled without any warnings. In your post, do see reference to USB Audio yet the project is dealing with USBSerial. Can you test again with a fresh project but do not select Update ? Update - see the same warnings as you noted AFTER selecting mbed library and then Update. Hmm.. Without the mbed update, no warnings.

Hi Sanjiv I downloaded the sample again, here's my findings: - Compile example without performing any library update (those downloaded as part of the example) - no compilation warnings. - Update the 'USBDevice' library - no warnings. - Then update the 'mbed' library - the three warnings are issued. These match your findings (I'm on w64 too).

posted by Chris Mabey 20 Dec 2016