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About read data from SD .txt

Hi, all. Thanks for watching my question. i use LPC4088 board. i have an question about read data from SD .txt Take an example.This is my code.

int main(){
mkdir("/sd/MMA", 0777);
void sensorA(){
       //Because it's just an example so i don't type my code
       //when the sensorA read the data  so i printf it to SD .txt
       FILE *fp = fopen("/sd/MMA/MMAdata.txt", "a");

And the txt. i insert my SD to computer.It can show like this. /media/uploads/david8251/we.png 0.91 -0.91 1.29 is the first data. 0.88 -0.88 1.25 is the second data. and so on. It is possible to read it like array and save them to buffer ? Thx very much!

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Yes, that's fairly easy if the format of the file is always going to be exactly the same.

fscanf is probably the easiest method to do this:

float x[100],y[100],z[100];
int dataPtr = 0;

int readFile() {
  FILE *fp = fopen("/sd/MMA/MMAdata.txt", "r");
  while (!eof(fp) && (dataPtr<100)) {
  return dataPtr;

If you need to cope with formats that aren't quite so fixed then read the input byte by byte into a char[] until you reach a \n. Replace the \n with 0 (c uses 0 to end strings not a new line) and then use strtok() to split the line into fields based on a separator charactor, tab in this case.

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Thx~~i will try!!!!

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