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Nucleo- F411RE and L476RG Displays graphics but the fonts are messed up.

The graphics display perfectly, however the fonts are not displaying correctly. Obviously, the SPI is working just fine. So why would I get graphic circles and lines but not text?

Changed the SPI frequency to 1mhz didn't seem to make a difference.......... Beuler.........anybody?

Fixed It! The file SPI_TFT_ILI9341.cpp function character, the SPI was in 16 bit mode, should be in 8 bit mode. This should fix the Nucleo-F411RE and the L476RG.

Works in SPI 8 bit mode with the #define TARGET_KL25Z. But now text position is an issue. Ugly wrap around. I think I found an answer to that somewhere on MBED?. Can't get text positioning to work and the fonts are flaky.

Can only conclude that library is not compatible with either of these boards. could be spi.format(8,1) ? Don't know.

Going to try this library.


This library works for graphics so you'll have to put the TFT touch from the seeed library with this one. I will try this on the L476RG and post here for posterity.

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Sounds like you figured out the issue, do you care to post or submit a pull request to the library to fix it? :)


Andrea, team mbed

posted by Andrea Corrado 19 Dec 2016

I have forked Rhyme's code and added/rewrote this codes touch library. Works well! Thanks!

posted by Darren Ulrich 19 Dec 2016
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