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I need you using PSRAM in MPS2+ Board


i need a example for using PSRAM in MPS2+ board.

i'm using 'uVision' tool.

plz, tell me how to use it.


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The MPS2+ FPGA Prototyping System is designed for prototyping and evaluation Cortex-M family of processors.

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7 years, 2 months ago.

Assuming that you're using the Cortex-M3 SMM image, you should check AN385 (on the ARM web site). There you will find this:


A 16MB 16-bit PSRAM area is available and the memory map allocates the address-range 0x21000000 -0x21FFFFFF. This enables large test programs to be used, for example uClinux, in the SRAM region of the Cortex-M memory space. Note: Running code from SRAM region is slower than from CODE region because the internal bus structure is not optimized for running programs from this region.

You'll need to provide a memory image on the SD card, and reference this in the images.txt file in order for it to be loaded. This is explained in the technical reference manual of the MPS2+ board.