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in file "x_nucleo_plc01a1_config.h" /* Interrupts. */ #define X_NUCLEO_PLC01A1_PIN_INT_1 (A2)


As shown A2 is Arduino pin not x-Nucleo. How can we make use of this interrupt?

Also in the file "CLT01_38S_class.h" it is mentioned we can declare interrupt related variables. Please help locating (see "Interrupt Related Methods" above)

/* ACTION 9 ------------*

  • Declare here interrupt related variables, if needed. *
  • Note that interrupt handling is platform dependent, see *
  • "Interrupt Related Methods" above. *
  • *
  • Example: *
  • + mbed: *
  • InterruptIn feature_irq; *
  • --------------*/

Extending the Hello-World example to use interrupts would be appreciated.

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