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Trouble Connecting Bluetooth PS3 Controller

I am attempting a project right now using a PS3 controller over bluetooth with Bart Janssens' PS3_BlueUSB program. I am having issues connecting the controller to the dongle however. I first paired the controller to the dongle using Motionjoy on my PC. This suggests to me that the dongle is in fact compatible (CSR8510 A10), and sets the dongle mac into the controller.

The following is the output that I am seeing in my terminal: ------------------ /media/uploads/AlexFerrara/terminal.png

but it never is able to get past scanning. I first paired the controller with the dongle using Motionjoy on my computer, so the controller should have the dongle mac address if I am understanding the process correctly.

I was hoping that someone could verify that the following hardcoding in AutoEvents.cpp looks like the correct format:

starting at line 261

u8 my_mac[6] = {0x00, 0x1A, 0x7D, 0xDA, 0x71, 0x15}; // mac address of my Bluetooth device 
    u8 buf2[6];
    buf2[0] = 0x00;
    buf2[1] = 0x1A;
    buf2[2] = 0x7D;
    buf2[3] = 0xDA;
    buf2[4] = 0x71;
    buf2[5] = 0x15;

Where both of those addresses are the bdaddr of my dongle.

I also noticed that with the original BlueUSB my dongle lights up, however with PS3_BlueUsb it does not - if that should indicate anything. It may also be worth noting that plugging the controller directly into the USB port with the same program running does work.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide some support!

Edit: I have found that the bluetooth dongle lights up if I uncomment the inquiry lines in TestShell, but that does not help at all in getting it connected to the controller

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Here are the steps:

Turn OFF your PS3 controller by either... (on PS3) hold PS button -> Turn off Controller, OR (on Mac) open Apple menu System Preferences -> Bluetooth -> Click X button on the device list, OR (on the controller itself) insert paperclip into pinhole near L2 button. Use a USB cable, connect the controller to your new machine you want. Wait just a second until the red light on the controller flashes, unplug the USB cable. Now the controller's setting is reset. On your computer, go to System Preferences (OS X) or Control Panel (PC) Open Bluetooth settings page. Start Scanning. Turn ON the controller by pressing the PS button. Wait a few seconds. If it asks for Access Code, enter 0000. Now connected!

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Press the reset on the back of the controller near the L2 button with a paper-clip open Bluetooth preference system preference Bluetooth press the PS home button and share button at the same time until the light quickly flashes click "Pair" on the controller's entry in the Bluetooth preferences window.

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It will also be really worth noting that plugging the controller without delay into the USB port with the equal program going for walks does work. Then name us up and say; Pay Someone To Do My Essay.

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I initially matched the controller with the dongle utilizing Motionjoy on my PC, so the controller ought to have the dongle macintosh address in the event that I am understanding the procedure effectively.

9 months ago.

When it's plugged in and the lights are blinking hold down the ps button. While holding it down unplug the cord and hold the button down for about three more seconds. Should be connected after that

9 months ago.

My ps3 controller isn't turinig off no mayter what. I even killed the framework its still on. It is stuck on player one even tho I set my other controller to player one. also guide here but not good. None off the catch works not even the home catch somebody please help me. Also, it isn't a dualshock controller.

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It will moreover be to a great degree noteworthy that associating the controller quickly to the USB port with the identical program going for walks works.

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