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How to bootload( .htm file) in to another lpc1768 development board through Mbed1768 board ?

Hi, Is there any possible to way to bootload(Mbed) in to another lpc1768 development board through Mbed1768 board? I have a LPC1768 development board i need to program with mbed platform , how can i bootload a software using another mbedlpc1768 board.

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4 years, 6 months ago.

You can flash the binary produced by the mbed online compiler in your lpc1768 development board using a standalone JTAG or SWD programmer (eg Segger JLink). The programmer part on an mbed LPC1768 is not really accessible like it is on the ST Nucleo boards. This new board may be used as SWD programmer as well. It will provide drag&drop programming capability for your lpc1768 development board.

You can also flash an lpc1768 using its serial port bootloader: convert the bin file to a hex file and run the free flashmagic application on your PC. You will need a USB-Serial converter in case your PC doesn't have serial ports anymore. In principle an mbed LPC1768 board could also be as USB-Serial converter. Just run a small piece of code on the mebd to become a transparant USB-Serial gateway.

This link could be also helpful.

posted by Zoltan Hudak 18 Nov 2016