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STK3800 API?

I have a Silicon Labs Wonder Gecko Starter Kit (EFM32WG-STK3800). Silicon Labs notes that people can create programs on the mbed compiler and run them on this kit. Where do I find the API definitions of things like I/O pins, ADC inputs, etc? The board has two LEDs, so how do I control them? What include files or libraries do I need? Does anyone have a simple code example for the STK3800? Any help greatly appreciated. I like the ARM Cortex-M4F and hope to use it in a project. Thanks.

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Hi Jon The first launching point is here: https://developer.mbed.org/platforms/EFM32-Wonder-Gecko/ There are some links to example projects over on the right-hand side that will show how to perform some basic functions.

The older mbed 2.0 API calls (which are re-used in mbed 5) are here: https://developer.mbed.org/handbook/Homepage

Then take a look here: https://developer.mbed.org/cookbook/Homepage That'll show you how to integrate some non-API specific calls in your code.

You just need to select your board when compiling and make sure your code has '#include "mbed.h"' in it and you're good to go. The compiler navigates the build tree and imports in the proper libs for your "target" as it is known in mbed parlance. No additional work on your side.

Hope that helps Bill

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Thanks, Bill. I appreciate your helpful information.

posted by Jon Titus 15 Nov 2016