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Anyone using the onboard USB Device connector on this? When I try to compile something that uses the USBMIDI library, I get errors referencing LPC_USB classes, which suggest it is trying to use the original NXP USB based classes. Of course, since I've chosen the NUCLEO-F746ZG as the target, the LPC_USB class, which is presumedly defined somewhere in the mbed library, is not defined.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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STM32 Nucleo-144 development board with STM32F746ZGT6 MCU, supports Arduino, ST Zio and morpho connectivity

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Hello Douglas S

As several users were claiming for USB on ST platforms, ST team has created USBHOST and USBDEVICE libraries.

USBMIDI is inside both.

NUCLEO_F746ZG is one of the platforms that can be used with these libraries. I have tested it with usb-mouse. I don't have a USBMIDI example to test. You can find an example for USBmouse here : https://developer.mbed.org/teams/ST/code/Nucleo_usbmouse/

Kind regards

Armelle -

Thank you for ST’s latest (28 March 2017) efforts to provide USB libraries for mbed. I have successfully used the USBDEVICE library and am happy that previously reported problems with USB 3.0 drivers on Haswell Macintosh computers seem to have been resolved.

Two comments/suggestions:

1) Access to the USBHOST libraries appears to be restricted. Clicking on your link returns "access denied". When I try to import the "Nucleo_usbhost" (28 April 2017) example into the online compiler, USBHOST.lib does not import and there is no API Documentation for it.

2) The new ST USB libraries are hard to find on the mbed Documentation web pages. The latest versions of the mbed OS API reference have eliminated links to USB libraries. Documentation version 5.1 does provide links to old USB libraries, but these links do not include your recent updates.

You may want to coordinate with the mbed team to get these libraries integrated into the mbed OS API reference.

posted by J Roth 09 Jun 2017

Hello J Roth,

We have now published the USBHOST library, you should be able to use it. Thank you for the notification.

For your information, clicking on ST logo (right top corner of any of our platform web page) will open ST Team webpage, ST libraries and ST example codes.

You can now find the link to Nucleo_usbhost and Nucleo_mouse (USBdevice) examples on the right column of some supported platform pages. /media/uploads/adustm/usb_examples.png

posted by Armelle DubocST 12 Jun 2017