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mbed Dev question (Possible problem)



We have been using a LPC824 with a GPRS module. We use the gprs modules command to send data to the url like AT+HTTPACTION or AT+PARA("url","http://xxx.com/abc")

The URL cotains a field that is originally in numberic format and we use sprint (with %d) to convert to a Char and do a puts(convertedVale) into the GPRS


When I use regular mbed library all is well. When we use mbed-dev (becasue we want to set the clock speed to about 6mHZ) the internet call doesnt go through.

Errors out with a HTTP RC of 603 which could either be a DNS error or a CONTENT TYPE error.

However if hardcode the value into the char filed and send it it works fine (even with mbed-dev).

I am wondering if the sprintf is messing up something

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To prove that it was sprintf with mbed-dev, we removed the sprintf and used our own conversion routine/module for int to character conversion and the system started to work again.


mbed + sprintf -> works

mbed-dev + sprintf -> doesnt work

mbed-dev + custom-wrinten convertor -> works

Best regards Surendar

posted by siva surendar 04 Jan 2017
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