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Hexiwear USB drive stuck in Maintenance mode - can't restore factory defaults

I am stuck in MAINTENANCE mode on the Hexiwear USB drive after just two downloads and cannot find any instructions and/or files that work anywhere even using the Mikroprog software to restore things. Docking station does not show up as a serial port in Windows anymore and sometimes even the USB drive goes away until I hold down the reset button at power up. Even a new Hexiwear device in the docking station did not fix it, so I assume it might be the firmware in the docking station interface. Have tried everything several times that is posted on these similar threads and it appears others have had the same issue:




Are there any other instructions available to recover?

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Same issue

posted by Chinthaka Ranawaka Arachchige 10 Jul 2017

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Hi Jim Just to make sure I understand your issue correctly

You are first plugging your Hexiwear unit to the Docking station You set the Jumper switch of the Docking station to 11001000 You turn the power-switch of the Docking station OFF and you plug it to your computer over USB Without pressing the MK64 RESET button, you turn the power-switch of the Docking station ON The drive MAINTENANCE appears into your file explorer, correct?

What is the operating system running on your computer? Does the default/factory application runs properly on your Hexiwear unit or is its code erased/corrupted?

I already got the "Maintenance" bug with my Hexiwear connected to the Docking station But reprogramming the Hexiwear (or using a new Hexiwear board with the default application programmed in factory) always resolved this issue

At startup the Debugger embedded in the Docking station try to ping the Hexiwear MCU and if the Hexiwear MCU is not running properly, it turns into an error mode

MikroE has released a corrective firmware for the Docking station (debugger) to fix this "detection" issue Since 2017 all the Docking startion manufactured come with this new firmware You can reprogram your Docking station but it will require an external probe like Segger JLink, using the instructions available on Github at the address below: https://github.com/MikroElektronika/HEXIWEAR/tree/master/HW/HEXIWEAR_DockingStation

I applied this update to my Docking station and so far it never returned into Maintenance mode (except when I keep the restet button pressed at startup to program a new Debug-application)

Please keep us posted Greg