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IoT Starter Ki

I bought this KIt. But I dont find IBM.htm file in mbed disk. I need help to use this. Can any one help?

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HI Joby,

Have you refreshed the firmware on the device at any point?

What shows when the device boots up? Is there anything on the LCD?

If there is no IBM.htm then there is a workaround to obtain the same page.

"Alternatively, to view the data from any other device, simple enter the Device ID (a twelve character string) in the box here and click Go to visualize your data. The Device ID can be found by scrolling down on the LCD screen using the joystick button on the board."


Let me know if there is anything else i can do :)


Andrea, team mbed

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When I bought the Kit , there was nothing in mbed drive. no bin file.

On power on, the display on the character display was blank.

Then I compiled the IoTClientEthernetExample from mbed site into this drive.

Then appeared the display which works with joystick came on.

Now my question is, Is this the final .bin file which is aslo responsible for IBM.htm file to visualize data? or something else.

if thisis not, Can I get a link of that mbed project?

I hope that project will contain IBM.htm also. Am I right?

right now my internet is down, therefore I couldnt try any thing you suggested earlier

Expecting your reply .

Thanks Joby Antony

posted by joby antony 25 Oct 2016

When you brought the kit there was no IBM.htm on the device?? This sounds irregular.

No, the .bin file will not reinstate the IBM.htm, this will be due to the firmware on the interface.

I need to look further into this.


posted by Andrea Corrado 25 Oct 2016