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nRF52832 custom board slow LED blink

Hi friends,

I have created a custom nRF52832 board, and i am trying to program it through the debug out header of the nRF52-DK development board, using the mbed compiler. While the programming succeeds, i get a very weird result. Instead of blinking the LED in specified interval, the LED blinks significantly slower. Unless it is a crystal problem itself, i think that maybe the system clock is not properly specified, and maybe there is a way i can configure the mbed nRF51/52 libraries. Can you help me? I have implemented only the 32Mhz crystal , and not the 32Khz one, since its optional.

Hi Timos,

Did you manage to find an explanation? I just witnessed a similar behavior on a board. Cheers,


posted by Rml 4o 15 Sep 2017
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