3 years, 7 months ago.

BBC mico:bit MicroBitStorage - flashPageErase and flashWordWrite

I'm looking to use Flash to store sensor data from the accelerometer. The idea is to store to flash and then via the UART when connected to a computer download the data from the flash.

My assumption is:-

1 I need to erase a page of flash -> void flashPageErase(uint32_t * page_address ) 2 Then within that page write words of data -> void flashWordWrite(uint32_t *address, uint32_t value)

I see a number of possible issues:-

1 I think the write is synchronous, so the flash write will block. 2 The flash page_address.I'm not sure which addresses are valid and what is the page size? 1024 bytes? 3 The flashWordWrite address. I assume an address in the erased flash page would be the correct address range to use?

My hope is to have access to about 32k byte of flash data for sensor data.

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