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Build 127 with Nucleo411RE size of binary increases

I worked normally with build 122 because of the serial bug in higher versions. Now I wanted to try the build 127 and have again problems with the code. I don't know at the moment what caused the problem. But the bin file increases round about 35%. See picture. Could this be correct?


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6 years, 12 months ago.

See Sam G.'s answer to this question.

That is SRAM though. And I wouldn't expect that stack checking costs 20kB of flash memory.

posted by Erik - 04 Oct 2016

Is there a reason, why my code will only work with build 122? Every higher version (I did not tested 123) makes problems. I use only standard fuctions. I didn't know that I use RTOS . First time it was the serial line. Now it looks like i2C is not working and the Nucleo has a strange behaviour. I have to reset the board after programming with 127. In order my code is little bit complex, it is not so easy to start debugging and find out what bugs the new 127 version have and influence my code. Or is ot not so easy to update mbed only? It is really anoying that the last 4 revisions are not able to work with my standard code of the mbed library.

posted by Roland Deschain 04 Oct 2016