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Error after upgrading mbed lib to build 127


Get the following error after upgrading the mbed lib from build 26 to 127 (yes, I know, a big step). Target is LPC1768.

Any suggestions?

Error: "mbed::Stream::Stream(const mbed::Stream &)" (declared at <a href="#" onmousedown="mbed_doc_goto('/Interpreter_copyextras/mbed_25aea2a3f4e3/Stream.h', '66'); return false;">/extras/mbed_25aea2a3f4e3/Stream.h:66</a>) is inaccessible in "extras/mbed_25aea2a3f4e3/Serial.h", Line: 50, Col: 43

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2 years, 10 months ago.

Assigning a Stream object to a Stream object has indeed been made inaccessible. Are you using this somewhere in your code?


After compling off-line with LPXCpresso I got a more elaborate error message.

I traced it back to my CMDB command interpreter lib's constructor that needs a Serial object to be passed.

Cmdb::Cmdb(const mbed::Serial& _serial, std::vector& _cmds, void (*_callback)(Cmdb&,int)) : serial(_serial), cmds(_cmds) {

For now I switched to RawSerial (seems to fix this problem) but still end up with new compilation issues again with error messages from outside my code only (so no clues), so cannot test if this works.

Question remains why is above code construct illegal for Serial?

posted by Wim van der Vegt 05 Oct 2016

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