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Is this library compatible with the LPC4088QSB ?

I would like to use UsbHost functions to plug an usb keyboard to my LPC4088...

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A board support package for the LPC4088 Display Module. display, LPC4088, LPC4088DM, module

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No, you cannot use the DMSupport library on the LPC4088QSB. Some parts of it will work, but the USB Host code will not work. The reason for this is that the LPC4088QSB board uses the USB1 interface and the LPC4088 Display Module that the DMSupport library is setup for uses the USB2 interface.

The best alternative for you is to use the LPC4088-USBHost by va009039. It does not compile directly (uses some old library versions), so use this fork instead which has updated library versions and fixes for the compiler errors.

If you want an example using USBHost and MassStorage, then try lpc4088_qsb_usbhost.

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